John Muniz, The Hospital’s Doctor

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JohnMuniz By Vanesa Vennard In emergency rooms, doctors and nurses seem to be on call 24/7, working odd hours for several patients. But when it comes to emergencies with                the hospital itself, John Muniz, Director of Engineering at Beth Israel, is the one on call. “My patient is the hospital, the actual infrastructure,” said Muniz, who [&hellip
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East Siders of the Year

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City Council Members Dan Garodnick and Jessica Lappin exemplify the Upper East Side spirit This year for the first time ever, the East Sider of the Year Award will be shared by two significant politicians and community members: Council Members Dan Garodnick and Jessica Lappin. These two will often say that although they share a [&hellip
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2013 OTTY Awards

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OTTYparty_AA_0226_cover1 Our Town Thanks You The OTTY Awards have become an annual tradition anticipated by many in the Upper East Side community as a celebration of what makes the neighborhood great. (See the Letter to the Editor by Betty Cooper Wallerstein on page 14.) OTTY stands for Our Town Thanks You – they are an opportunity [&hellip
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Active Adults and New Year’s Resolutions

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old-man By John Friia As another year comes to an end, many seniors want to start the next one off right, and making their annual resolutions is a step in the right direction. For many people, their efforts to fulfill their resolutions only last a few days into the New Year, but achieving goals can leave [&hellip
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The First Annual Downtown OTTY Awards

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Council Member Margaret Chin, Downtowner of the Year Our Town Downtown thanks the people who make life in lower Manhattan spectacular When we decided to start a tradition of presenting awards to outstanding community members who live and work in downtown Manhattan, the one thing we knew would be easy was finding recipients. We weren’t disappointed. The inaugural Downtown OTTY (Our Town Thanks [&hellip
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Block Association Leader Brings History Into the Present

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Richard Blodgett has spent decades getting to know the Charlton Street community By Rebecca Temerario Richard Blodgett didn’t expect to fall in love with New York. After graduating from Middlebury College in 1962, Blodgett relocated to New York City for a job with the Wall Street Journal. In 1968, Blodgett moved to his current address. [&hellip
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Community Leader Was a Beacon in Dark Times

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Chris Kui helped bring emergency funds and hope to downtown after Hurricane Sandy struck By Emily Johnson On the third day after Hurricane Sandy, the staff of Asian Americans for Equality managed to gather themselves and return to their Division Street office—but like the rest of the Lower East Side, it was dark. Without electricity, [&hellip
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Lower East Side Yoga Instructor Offers More Than Exercise

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Tricia Donegan coaxes inspired poses and generosity out of her local yoga enthusiasts By Sophia Rosenbaum Yoga studios in New York are as common as pizza joints, but there’s a reason Lady Gaga chose Tricia Donegan to be her yoga instructor. Donegan, 42, is a burst of energy with a toned physique adorned with tattoos and [&hellip
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Léman School Chef Masters the Art of Pleasing Kids’ Palates

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Jenny Gensterblum transforms cafeteria food into healthy and delectable meals By Alex Mikoulianitch Jenny Gensterblum isn’t your ordinary lunch lady working at Léman Preparatory School and flipping hash browns. She’s got an impressive arsenal of cooking skills up her sleeve, all backed by a degree from the French Culinary Institute in New York, which she [&hellip
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Longtime LGBT Advocate Pioneers New Health Services

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Barbara Warren heads LGBT health division at Beth Israel Barbara Warren, the director of LGBT health services for Beth Israel, is a humble woman who, according to Vice President for Public Affairs Jim Mandler, “has spent her entire career advocating for individuals in the LGBT community.” Before arriving at Beth Israel 11 months ago, Warren [&hellip
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