South Ferry Phone Snatch

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Crime Watch Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown.

By Jerry Danzig
Walking through a southbound #1 train early in the morning of Friday, April 19, a police officer was stopped by a young male passenger as the train approached the South Ferry station. The passenger stated that a perpetrator had sat next to a 22-year-old man sleeping on the train and removed the sleeper’s cell phone from his right front pocket, while a second perpetrator stood in the last train car and watched. The first perpetrator then asked the witness how much he would pay for the phone. The witness replied, “No thank you.” The first perpetrator then walked back to the last car of the train and sat with the second perpetrator. The arresting officer later recovered the iPhone 4S valued at $500 under the seat of the first perpetrator. Arrests were made on April 19.

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