Local restaurants are moving beyond the kale when it comes to the green stuff By Wanda Mann Do you need a break from kale?Have you grown weary of arugula and utterly bored with romaine? Salads and other veggie-centric dishes are the perfect summer meals, but don't get trapped in a leafy rut. The best salads keep your taste buds intrigued by showcasing the season's freshest produce in unique combinations. Savory and sweet, crunchy and succulent, an artfully composed salad balances distinct flavors and textures. New York City has no shortage of tasty salads, but if you're craving something deliciously different, try one of these winning dishes. [caption id="attachment_64483" align="aligncenter" width="200"](http://nypress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Dining_Felice-83-Panzanella-Salad.jpg) Felice 83
Panzanella Salad ($7)
1593 First Avenue at 83rd Street
Simple yet incredibly satisfying, this traditional Tuscan salad features juicy tomatoes with crisp cucumbers, silky olive oil, fragrant basil, and small pieces of bread. While other salads may toss in a few croutons, in Panzanella the bread is an essential element. The bread bits are integrated throughout the salad and absorb the delicious flavors and juices of the other components without becoming soggy. Panzanella is a salad that really lets quality ingredients shine without too much manipulation.[/caption]