Soft Pop – Hard Message

Written by Josh Saul on . Posted in Music, Posts.

Von Robinson and His Own Universe doesn’t play a ton of shows, so you better catch them at Kenny’s Castaways tonight at 8 p.m.—your next chance to see them live won’t be until September. Von says, “I like playing out alright, but sometimes the money and energy could be better spent getting our music out on the Internet and MySpace.” The band’s music is poppy and easy to listen to, but with titles like “XXXtraordianary Rendition,” the political commentary is pretty serious. In an earlier interview, Von said, “I wanted to get the message out, but I didn’t want it to be too preachy or heavy-handed. I wanted to do pop music, so it danced in your ear nicely.” The approach seems to be working, as the band claims fans all over the world, and has been selling their debut album JOSTLE IT!#¢ from their MySpace page ever since they self-released it earlier this year.