Six Best Places to Watch the Presidential Debate in New York City

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Compiled by Rebecca Temerario

Looking for a place to watch the next Presidential Debate? Look no further than NY Press. Head to these locations across New York City to watch President Obama and Governor Romney duke it out on Monday, October 22nd, one last time.

Housing Works Bookstore Café

126 Crosby Street


Offering some lighthearted debate bingo amongst the heat on the screen, Housing Works Bookstore Café in Soho is the ideal place to be if you want to want to add a little more action and humor to your debate experience. The bookstore will also offer café specials.



SideBAR and Village Pourhouse

SideBAR: 120 E 15th St


Village Pourhouse: 64 3RD Avenue, at 11th St.


It’s the Republicans versus the Democrats, real life style. Republicans will gather at SideBAR in support of Governor Romney. Conservatives and right-leaners can purchase “Rum-ney” shots for $5. Democrats can converse at SideBAR’s sister bar, the Village Pourhouse, where Liberals and left-leaners can drink “Barack O-Bombs,” also $5.



Gotham Comedy Club

208 W. 23rd St.


For $20, you can get yourself a seat at the Gotham Comedy Club’s debate screening, along with Sarah Bernhard, Frank Conniff, and Sam Seder. The event requires a two-beverage minimum, but all proceeds go to HeadCount, an organization that combines music with comedy in order to get people to vote. Wittstream’s live feed will be screened alongside the debate. Be sure to arrive an hour in advance.



Building on Bond

112 Bond Street, Brooklyn


Join Drinking Liberally at the Building on Bond for the final debate. Here, progressives in Brooklyn can drink and eat a burger amongst like-minded individuals on October 22nd.



Your TV or Computer

Anywhere, USA and World


Drinking amongst the rowdiness of such a bipartisan debate not your thing? Pop some popcorn and curl up underneath an Americana blanket while watching President Obama and Governor Romney debate foreign policy issues. You can find debate coverage on almost any news station at 9 o’clock; live coverage can be streamed online through news stations’ websites.

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