Lady Smarts: A Valentine’s Day Tale

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Two apartments, both alike in furniture from Ikea… We all come to Valentine’s Day with baggage—and not just the red, heart-shaped kind that’s full of chocolates. In honor of the holiday of lurve, I thought I would tell my favorite modern love story. Our story begins with two unlikely lovers, pushed together by fate—and one [&hellip
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Column: Self-Defense Classes, Only a Start in Tackling Assaults

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Photo by heraldpost, courtesy of Flickr Commons. By Rebecca Hoffman It was almost two weeks ago that Speaker Christine Quinn held her first free self-defense class in Central Park. This event was in response to an increased number of sexual assaults on women in the city, most notably an incident involving the rape of a 73-year-old woman in Central Park. While free [&hellip
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@BYTES1GHz Tech: Nerds Find Cure For Down’s Syndrome; Abort Fetus

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happy-couple-sonogram According to movies and television it is a scientific fact that Nerds have long been plagued with debilitating social diseases such as acne, braces, limp wrist, four-eyes, and polio. But now the Wizards over at the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington have crafted a method of casting the Sequence Genome spell [&hellip
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Free Vibrators Shut Down by City Hall Yesterday, Back in Action Today

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trojan-condoms By Paul Bisceglio   Downtown was buzzing with excitement yesterday for the prospect of free vibrators. Trojan announced that it would be distributing 10,000 Tri-Phoria and The Pulse devices — $40 and $30 retail values, respectively! — from two hot dog carts in different neighborhoods throughout the day, so New Yorkers lined the streets of [&hellip
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The Difference Between Clingy and Needy

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Photo by paulinaclemente, courtesy of Flickr Commons. By Rebecca Hoffman So you’re in a relationship and it’s great except for this minor problem.  Your partner needs you for everything.  At first it was nice.  It’s always nice to be needed, but then it was annoying, and then it became too much.  After all, you’re their partner not their proofreader; you really don’t [&hellip
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A Grey Relationship: What “50 Shades” Really Teaches Us About Relationships

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50-shades-of-grey-cover-thumbnail By Rebecca Hoffman Sex sells.  It really is that simple.  E.L. James the author of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy can attest to it.  Her ‘romance’ novels have resulted in the sale of approximately 16 million books, which means its outsold Harry Potter, and why?  Because sex sells: in advertising, in fashion, in movies, [&hellip
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The Victimization of Victims: How the Justice System Fails Savannah Dietrich and Other Women

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Via Twitter By Rebecca Hoffman Hating on victims seems to be a popular trend these days. Because, after all, she was dressing for it, asking for it, or should’ve just kept her mouth shut. The last one seems to be especially true for, 17-year-old, Savannah Dietrich who was facing potential jail time for tweeting the names of [&hellip
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