Sex Column Competition: Bigger! Better! Longer!

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We’ve been overwhelmed with
entries to our sex/dating/relationships competition – so much so that we’re extending it! 


On April 23, in our
20th anniversary issue, we will announce a winner, as promised.  But instead of awarding the winner a permanent weekly
column, we’re offering, instead, a cash prize of $500 – and starting the
competition again. 
Then, three months later, we’ll give the
same prize to a new winner.  And start
again.  You get the idea.  It’s a never-ending opportunity for new
writers to experience the joys of sex writing!


We’ve streamlined our selection
process, too.   The winner
will be the Flavor Of The Week columnist whose piece gets the most clicks (or "hits," the technical term) on our website.  So tell your friends, fans and relatives to
click on your byline, and keep doing it as often as possible – it’s like voting
for president in Florida!