Scout Willis’s Pesky Public Drinking Misdemeanor Defense: “That Beer Doesn’t Exist”

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Remember last month when 20-year-old Scout Willis was busted drinking Pakistani “beer” in a Union Square subway station, then fanned the flame by presenting cops with a fake ID? Willis is now fighting the public drinking misdemeanor with everything she’s got, reports the NY Post. 

Willis claims Pakistani beer—such that it was described in the police report—does not in fact exist. Yes, that’s her defense. The Brown University student’s defense lawyer, Stacey Richman, is arguing the particular kind of beverage exists, but not in the eight ounce can detailed in the complaint, says the Post. Furthermore, the beverage distributed by the brewery is in fact a non-alcoholic beer, according to inquiries with Pakistan’s only brewery.

Richman is demanding prosecutors produce the “beer” can or drop the charge, saying for all she knows it “could be a Sprite.” Willis will be in court on July 31, at which point her fate will be determined.

—Alissa Fleck

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