Rudy Tops Hillary, Nationally

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

The latest national Quinnipiac Poll gives former Mayor Rudy Giuliani a 45-43 lead over Senator Hillary Clinton, a reversal of Clinton’s 46-43 lead in August.

The poll also finds that voters think the performance of President George W. Bush will make it hard for any Republican to succeed him by a margin of 58-37. Clinton’s approval numbers have also dropped in the poll, from 48-43 in August to an even 46-46 today.

"Sen. Clinton’s success
on the campaign trail and the perception that she is unstoppable has made her
the prime target for all the other candidates, Republican and Democratic. And
the wounds are showing," said Maurice Carroll, Director of the Quinnipiac
University Polling Institute. "The Clinton Express has hit a bump. Future
polls will show if it’s been derailed."

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