Rich Drunks Often Get Behind The Wheel

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Crime Watch Our Town Downtown, Posts.

Based on police department statistics, the New York Sun reports that DWI arrests have doubled or more than doubled this year in the city’s wealthier neighborhoods, including the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, and Brooklyn Heights, and since 2001, DWI arrests have risen by about 123 percent citywide.

Apparently, experts chock the increase up to the overall drop in crime the city has recently experienced. Former Bronx district attorney prosecutor Michael Discioarro told the paper, “A lot of these cops are bored.” That’s right, without enough murderers and rapists, they’re bound to turn their attention to drunk drivers. Unfortunately, the article fails to include any speculation as to why the po-po are targeting specifically affluent areas. We would hate to assume it’s because, shall we say, up-and-coming neighborhoods still fascinate cops.