Restaurants Willing to Pay $40k Per Month for Pat Field’s Bowery Space

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's former Bowery store. (Photo by Susan NYC, photo courtesy of Flickr Commons.)

by Adel Manoukian

NoHo Alliance has reported to have many inquiries from businesses of food and beverages about the unoccupied space in the Bowery, wiling to pay the $40,000 a month rent. The place has remained vacant since designer and stylist Patricia Field moved out earlier this month. The space has never been licensed before and is among 21 full OP licensed venues in the neighborhood.

Field moved to what was originally a kitchen supply store at the location and decided to move her boutique, after spending six years  there, a few doors down to and the connecting 296 Elizabeth space. At the time of her vacancy, her rent was about $30,000.

The available place has over 48,000 square feet with a ground floor and a basement, deemed suitable space for a restaurant. Surrounding businesses include located at run by Kathy Grayson. She hopes for another art gallery and urges anyone with information about any or just other ideas in mind to contact her.

As for now, it is uncertain as to what the space will occupy.

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