Representative Rangel Wins Primary Despite Redistricting

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Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, representing the congressional district primarily covering Harlem, won yesterday’s primary despite district redraws (occurring once a decade). The 82-year-old Rangel defeated Adriano Espaillat and three other candidates in the congressional primary, with the New York Times calling it “the toughest re-election fight of his career.”

Rangel’s victory gives him the shot at a 22nd term, despite a recent ethics scandal, reports Fox News. Shortly after his 2010 congressional victory, Rangel was the target of a controversy on tax and financial disclosure statements, which included misappropriation of congressional resources. He was ultimately convicted of 11 ethics violations.

Rangel’s new district includes less of Manhattan and additional parts of the Bronx. The redistricting means Rangel’s constituency consists of fewer whites and more Hispanics, reports the Times. 

Rangel, who received the endorsement of Governor Cuomo and Speaker Quinn, credits his incumbency and long career in the district with the victory. The Democratic Rangel faces a favorable chance in the November general election.

—Alissa Fleck

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