Report Finds NY At Back Of The Class

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Education, Posts.

A report analyzing high school graduation rates for all 50 states released yesterday finds New York is graduating just 65% of all high school students in a four-year span, placing it at 44th among the 50 states.

“If we are serious about
reforming our high schools, we have to get serious about meaningful
accountability for student success in completing high school,” said Ross Wiener,
Vice President of The Education Trust. “While progress may not come as quickly
as we’d like, the improvements we’ve seen in New York City show us that, even under some
of the most challenging circumstances, real change is possible.”

Hey, there might have been improvements in the City, but with a graduation rate said to be at about 58% it would still rank at the bottom if it was its own state. And critics would argue that even that low number is grossly inflated.

The full report is here.