Replacing Lost Keys

Written by NYPress on . Posted in News Our Town.

There is a new kiosk in town, a place where you can print a copy of your key for $20 after scanning your thumbprint.

Known as KeyMe, the kiosks are the answer to Upper East Siders who have lost their keys. The New York City startup has created self-service kiosks that allow individuals to duplicate their keys, instantly, store digital copies of keys online, share keys with friends and family, and print out a stored key in times of a lockout. Key storage is free so participants can save and store as many keys as they wish. If you get locked out, creating a spare key — previously stored in the cloud — costs $20. To copy a key you have in hand, prices vary from $3.49 to $5.99, depending on what design you choose. Kiosks are located in 7-Eleven stores; find one at 1594 York Ave. and 84th Street.Tappedin-07-11-art-OT

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