Regarding “The Economics of the Street Fair”:

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1. Street fair vendors do NOT ADD ON SALES TAX TO ANY PURCHASE

2. They cost the city $$$ in police and sanitation

Letter to Editor_Stree_opt3. Cops cannot tell you where the detoured buses are running….and THERE ARE NO SIGNS AT BUS STOPS, unnecessarily inconveniencing residents.

4. LOCAL people, taxpayers, moved up here for a purpose — if we wanted street fairs we’d live in Chinatown, or….

5. LOCAL shop keepers who DO PAY TAXES LOSE $$$.

They’ll be back in early spring. Get them off Broadway. Spread the “joy.” Send them to Columbus Avenue … the outer boroughs! Fairgoers can discover the delights of the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn!

Aarne Ingber

West End Avenue

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