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With railings being held together by duct tape, the 59th Street Recreational Center is in desperate need of renovation. Luckily, construction will soon start on a new state-of-the-art facility for the .

On Sept. 18, Rep. , Assembly Member , Borough President and Council Member and tossed dirt from their shovels on to an almost waist-high mound to symbolically break the grounds of the 59th Street Recreation Center construction site. The idea for a new facility has been in discussion since 1993.

Nadler told crowds he remembered fighting for the recreation center to stay open; more than 50 children showed up in swim trunks to protest the potential closing.

“The 59th Street Recreation Center is getting a total makeover,” said parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe.

Construction started this past June, after $12 million was raised to build new facilities and renovate existing facilities. The project will offer yearly low-cost exercise and recreational equipment for only $75 to adult members, $10 for seniors and free of charge to residents under the age of 17.

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