“Rat Crossing” Signs Posted on Upper West Side

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Photo by Matthieu Aubry, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

Well, at least Upper West Siders have been warned.

Gothamist reports that West 76th Street Block Association president Joseph Bolanos continued his fight against a building’s rat infestation on Wednesday by posting “Rat X-ing” signs. They are yellow and diamond shaped, and look like deer crossing signs with a picture of a rat.

Bolanos placed the signs around 52 West 76th Street, where he has dealt with rat problems for years, he told Gothamist. He wants the signs to warn pedestrians and residents about the potential danger, and to raise general awareness about the problem, which he argued is largely overlooked by city agencies and politicians.

“To be honest with you,” he said, “I have zero confidence in anyone doing anything.”

Bolanos warned that the rats crowd outside the building especially around 2 a.m. “This one lady was walking her dog there the other night and she actually stepped on one—squished it,” he recalled. “It was alarming for her and the rat.”

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