Queens Libraries Are King

Written by Matt Elzweig on . Posted in Education, Posts.

Queens library
system is
the bestin
the country. Yesterday the Public Library
Association (PLA) released a report that
ranked Queens #1. Brooklyn
ranked fifth and New
services Manhattan),
came in seventh. The Bronx and Staten
public libraries
are not PLA members. The PLA is a division
of the American Library
and has
11,000 member libraries.

in circulation
in the Queens
libraries increased
between the 2006 and 2007 fiscal years from
20.2 to 21 million.
Its 63 branches
see 55,000 visitors
daily. More than just a place to borrow books
from, the libraries
have become community centers in
the city’s most diverse borough. Other impressive
figures include
the 22,000 programs offered
and the 30 languages that popular titles are
available in.

courtesy of Pro-Zak
on Flickr