Protesters Show Up Outside Romney Hamptons Fundraiser, Condemn His “Koch Problem”

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Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney appeared at three private fundraising events in the this past weekend, raising a total of approximately $3 million, and causing quite a stir among protesters. Billionaire hosted one of these notable fundraisers at his shorefront home, reports News. Oil tycoon Koch has come to be known as half of the billionaire brother duo dominating conservative fundraising.

Koch’s event was tightly secured, according to ABC, as about 150 protesters showed up to express their disgust. and supporters were among protesters who made an appearance. Protesters, who could reportedly barely see the estate from where they were permitted to stand, held signs rejecting “corporate personhood” and the price of a ticket to the event ($75,000 per couple). They stood barefoot on the beach holding signs, sailing “protest boats,” flying a small plane and singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Those who showed up to condemn contamination of the electoral process through such fundraising means called the gathering a success, saying they took the message where it mattered.

The reports Obama cancelled a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard this year, so as to not appear to be “hanging with the billionaires” and alienate those who oppose such displays of wealth.

According to the : “Tucked into the dunes, Mr. Koch’s home is valued at about $18 million by the real estate Web site Zillow, which reports that it has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Its backyard is the sea.”

—Alissa Fleck

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