Professional Bull Riding

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Photo Galleries, West Side Spirit.

Photos by Andrew Schwartz


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  • Howard

    When I started ready Andy’s last post on the BSM Blog, I felt like I could have wrote it with a way worst elnsigh writing than he did !Even if I don’t flight as much as the BSM team does, I’m on the road to rodeo all year long here in Europ. A lot more mechanical problems, traffic and hours driving but the same angry people, non French speaking ( or even elnsigh ) gaz pumpers and bad weather I have to drive thru.And as the standards questions and answers are the same, one comes more than the others and Andy doesn’t get that one : There’s rodeos in Europe ?? The standard answer is Yes, since WWII, and still going ! but most of them points the biggest problem we’ve got here communication deficit ! So, after all, tired and pissed off by stupid people on the road, hours being the sterring wheel, after two month at the hospital because a bull thought I was a bowling pin and all and all, I do feel lucky too !Lucky to leave on the road, from a rodeo to an other, lucky to meet great people and great places, lucky to be a part of rodeo history in Europe and lucky to help, as little as it is, thru my pics to grow !And when i’m lucky enought, I’m way more than PROUD ( I don’t know any word in English for that ) to work with the BSM Team on a PBR event !I hope I’ll be lucky enought to work again with y’all and, with more luck, be a part of the PBR convoy for good one of those days !Waiting for that day to come true, I wish y’all the best, and hope to see you soon for another photographic and friendship amaizing time !Take care,Sylvain

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