Power (Mostly) Returns

Written by Abigoliah Schamaun on . Posted in Posts.

Earlier this month, Con Edison opened a new $300 million dollar substation in the Bronx that turned out not to be the energy-boosting machine it was intended to be. In fact, it was later decided that at least eight New York neighborhoods are at high risks of blackouts. Places like The Upper East Side and The Bronx may just plunge into darkness at any…um, now!

At 3:40 this afternoon, a power dip—defined as a power outage lasting a second or longer—occurred, leaving parts of the Bronx near Yankee Stadium in the dark, as well as much of the Upper East Side. And at 4 p.m. today, the Metropolitan Museum of Art evacuated all the tourists and yuppies out onto the streets, leaving them to stand there watching low-brow mime entertainment. Oh the humanity!

The blackout, sorry dip, has also affected the 4, 5, 6, D, E and Z trains. Officials say they are not sure how long it will last, but we’re sure a little snafu like this can be avoided in the future if New York just spends another $300 million. Looks like the folks over at Crain’s were right. Luckily, power has been restored in most of the affected areas.