Political Puppets Take Over West-Park Presbyterian Church

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This is no Sesame Street performance. Giant, abstract puppets representing immigration, famine and oppression will fill the main atrium of the West Park Presbyterian Church for the month of November while the Bread and Puppet Theatre’s new performance, “The Shatterer of Worlds,” takes up residence.

A shot from the 2013 production Birdcatcher in Hell.

A shot from the 2013 production Birdcatcher in Hell.

The theater, known for its radical political views and abstract shows, can be seen annually at the Village Halloween parade, and their puppets are featured in the movie “Across the Universe.” This troupe, which began in New York and is now based in Vermont, is heading back to its roots for its 50th anniversary. This is their first time performing on the Upper West Side.

Tickets go for $15-18 and performances will be held Nov. 7th-24th, Thursday-Sunday, with a Wednesday performance during weeks two and three. As is usual with Bread and Pupper performances, freshly-baked bread will be handed out with an aioli topping.

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