Pizza for Grownups

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By Nancy J. Brandwein

“I’m in Park Slope,” my son said when I called to assess his after-school whereabouts.

“What are you doing there?”


“What are you eating?”

“A slice.”

Photo by: Daniel S. Burnstein

“He went all the way… to Brooklyn… to eat ?” my daughter asked, incredulous. But anyone with a teenage son knows that and “hanging” go together like mozzarella and tomatoes. And those ingredients are about the only ones you’ll likely find on a teenager’s slice, whether it’s from Pino’s in Park Slope or Coronet on my corner.

While I appreciate a plain pie, I also like a grown-up pizza, with grown-up toppings. That’s what you’ll find in Two Boots, now, happily, on the Upper West Side. I ordered The Bella ($3.75), named for hat-wearing Congresswoman Bella Abzug. It is slathered with spinach/artichoke dip and cream cheese—the kind of dip you’d avoid in a hollowed out bread bowl, but which is luscious on top of the sturdy, crunchy crust and when freshened with chopped jalapeño and a sprinkling of cayenne. Another adult-rated choice is the Bayou Beast, which features BBQ shrimp, crawfish and andouille sausage.

With its adventurous pies and ’60s-themed folk art and music, Two Boots appeals to food-obsessed Boomers, but it’s teen friendly-too: $2.50 for a plain slice/soda from 12-5.

Two Boots
2547 Broadway (at 95th St.)
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