Parents for Occupy Wall Street plan Family Sleepover at Zuccotti Park

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The group Parents for Occupy Wall Street has announced that they will hold a Family Sleepover from 4 PM, Friday, October 21st until 11 AM the following Saturday morning.

Parents for Occupy Wall Street want to drive home the message that Occupy Wall Street is a place for everyone, including families. Parents for Occupy Wall Street have planned arts and crafts, a sing-along, a pizza party, and a bed time story for the evening. To keep the atmosphere relaxed and keep everyone safe, there will be a sectioned-off Child and Family Only area in the park that night. In addition there will be a check-in and check-out system in place, along with parent’s ID with a Parents for Occupy Wall Street security person. There will also be hourly headcounts and all parents will be wearing identifying T-shirts. The NYPD is already aware of the event, and will be kept informed as to the group’s size and location on the hour.

Parents for Occupy Wall Street say that the goal of this event is to raise the public’s awareness of the diversity of people supporting the movement. They claim that, although the media portrays protesters largely as homeless or unemployed, in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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