Targeting Muslims on the Upper East Side

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‘People don’t understand, this is our country’ It has been known for years now that the NYPD has been spying on the city’s Muslim community. Now, the extent of those operations is becoming clear. Two Associated Press reporters, Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, wrote in a recent New York magazine excerpt of their new book [&hellip
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Fashion Week Closes on Upper East Side

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Marc Jacobs closed New York Fashion Week on Thursday night with a memorable show, for sure. He put on a stifling parade of dripping hot models against a decaying beach backdrop in the Park Avenue Armory, which felt like a billion degrees. Catwalkers, including Cara Delevingne, wore high-necked wool and lace numbers decorated with tassels [&hellip
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The Education of Ben Kallos

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Meet the 32-year-old who could be your next city councilmember Ben Kallos is not your typical Upper East Sider. He went to state school because, he said, he couldn’t afford an Ivy League education. His Hungarian grandparents immigrated to New York in the 1950s. He grew up on the East Side but went to high [&hellip
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Pitching the Farmer in Farmer’s Market

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With the early harvest season in full swing, green markets are fine-tuning their stance against Whole Foods and others “Are your chickens free-roaming, and what do you feed them?” asks a woman holding a recyclable grocery bag, and eyeing an egg carton full of brown, spotted eggs. The farmer in question launches into an animated [&hellip
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Blurring the Line Between Yorkville and East Harlem

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Filmmaker hopes to start conversation about gentrification and identity Andrew Padilla is only 23 years old with a single high school filmmaking class under his belt. But that hasn’t stopped him from making a documentary about gentrification in East Harlem on the Upper East Side. The film, El Barrio Tours, has gained a fair amount [&hellip
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Going Against the Grain with Meghan McCain

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The senator’s daughter on living in NYC and her new show Many people who can will leave the city for the summer. Not Meghan McCain. She spent the season in a loft in the heart of Little Italy filming her new docu-talk series, Raising McCain, which premieres on September 14th. The twenty-eight-year-old, who is used [&hellip
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Officials Remind of Deadlines for 9/11 Victims, Responders

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Those injured by or made ill from the events of 9/11 have less than three weeks to register for compensation from the government Just two days before the 12th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and 24 days before the Oct. 3 deadline for most 9/11 first responders, recovery workers, and survivors to register for [&hellip
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