A Dog and Pony Show, Year After Year

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Local pet groomer has been pampering Upper East Side pooches for decades Veronica “Cookie” Gallea has been trimming your neighbors’ hair for a generation. Since 1981, she’s been parked in a space at 400 East 88th Street and 1st Avenue, and in that time she’s rubbed shoulders Jackie Onasis, every New York City mayor, and [&hellip
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Street Shrink

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Q: Coming off the heels of New York Fashion Week, I realized that when one person in New York does something or wears something, a flock of others mirror that behavior. Why in group settings do people give into conformity so easily? – Ivanna Majic, New York City, 27 years old A. Conformity is a [&hellip
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Out & About

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Friday Oct 4. Insects and Contemporary Art The Arsenal Gallery in Central Park 830 Fifth Avenue All day, free Get over the yuck factor and join eleven contemporary artists to explore the complicated relationship between humans and bugs. These artists portray the aesthetics of insects, whether they’re invading our homes or keeping ecosystems thriving. Ongoing [&hellip
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Private School Open Houses

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October marks the start of the season when private schools open their doors for next year’s prospective students and families. Here are some local open house dates. The Montessori at Flatiron 5 W. 22nd Street Oct. 17, 6:30pm www.themontessorischools.org La Salle Academy 215 East 6th Street Oct. 26, 10:00am www.lasalleacademy.org Leman Manhattan Preparatory School Lower [&hellip
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The Private School Building Boom

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Dalton’s expansion draws opposition on the East Side Once again, an Upper East Side private school is rankling the neighbors. This time it’s the Dalton School, which has outgrown its space and is looking to expand via an extension of the school’s 12-story building. Dalton is planning on adding two floors to accommodate more room [&hellip
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A New Yorker Who Knows His Shakespeare

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New York native Christian Camargo gives life to Mercutio in the Broadway revival of Romeo and Juliet Not many New Yorkers can pull off reciting Shakespeare. But Christian Camargo doesn’t play by the book. When the Julliard graduate takes the stage in his skinny jeans and leather jacket (this is a modernized take on the [&hellip
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Don’t Overlook the Violent Video Game Factor

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When considering recent mass shootings, we can’t forget the potential role that violent entertainment plays Yes, I wish guns had never been invented, indeed all explosive devices, But they were, and I despair that the call to strictly control them after every mass shooting of innocents, fails to include defusing a culture whose entertainment and [&hellip
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How de Blasio Won

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What the frontrunner’s campaign strategy tells us about how he’d run the city Conventional wisdom is rarely correct in political campaigns, and early front-runners don’t often make it first to the finish line. Just ask Hillary Clinton. Or Mark Green. Or Christine Quinn. The old fable of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind [&hellip
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Meet the Mayor of East 85th Street

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Jennifer Peterson brings her ebullience and real estate know-how to the Upper East Side block “Many people call me the mayor [of E. 85th Street] already,” said Jennifer Peterson, a real estate agent with Caliber Associates, and one of Our Town‘s mayor of the block. She has rented space to over 50 people on E. [&hellip
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