Did Weiner Plan Twittergate?

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A far-fetched but plausible alternate reality for the mayoral candidate By Tom Allon Imagine that for more than a decade you’ve been plotting to become Mayor of New York City and you’ve been blocked from that path by the wealthiest man in town. You’re a reasonably well-known congressman, but your name probably won’t resonate in [&hellip
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What’s Up With That?

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Why were some local high school students left hanging after taking their Regents exams? New York City high schools were in an uproar last week with the delay of certain Regents exam scores. As a result, there were certain students who didn’t get to walk at their high school graduations. At Lower East Side Prep, [&hellip
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Libraries Bridge Digital Divide

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The NYPL’s new Tech Connect program is bringing technology literacy and more to local residents According to Amy Geduldig of the New York Public Library, libraries aren’t typically the first thing people think of when it comes to digital education. It may be time for that mentality to change. NYPL has begun its Tech Connect [&hellip
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Happiness for Hard Knock Drummer

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Local musician has a condition that makes it difficult to drum – but that doesn’t stop him Disposition is destiny. And Jesus Guadalupe, street musician, would certainly be excused if he had a foul one. Guadalupe, 20, was born with phocomelia, a rare cogential condition that has left his arms short and malformed. At the [&hellip
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NYC Tenants Caught by Rising Rents

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The state needs stronger rent regulation By Senator Brad Hoylman Let’s be frank: Tenants in New York are getting a raw deal. Despite the continuing toll of the recent economic recession on average New Yorkers and clear evidence that landlord profits continue to surge, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) voted on June [&hellip
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