Who Can Best Manage a Big City?

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Management style will play major factor in mayor’s race New York has had its share of crises in the past decade – 9/11, the Wall Street financial crisis and then, of course, Superstorm Sandy. Who leads the city during times of crisis – and relative calm – is important. And their ability and experience as [&hellip
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Property Workers of NYC Show Off Their Artistic Chops

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JonathanSpringer_TAB3437 Text By Adel Manoukian • Photos by Jonathan Springer Members of 32BJ SEIU, the largest national union for property workers, and their families had the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents this past Friday evening at the sixth annual 32BJ Free Art Show in the union’s building on 18th Street. These artists, with full-time jobs [&hellip
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Summer, When a Young Man’s Fancy Turns to Thoughts of…Spice?

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Dining-Zabb Elee salad I don’t know if you noticed, but it got real hot real fast last week, catapulting the city from genuine springtime directly into the gaping maw of summertime. It’s a well-worn trope that when the going gets hot, the hot eat spicy foods. It’s well-worn, sure, but if you’re like 98 percent of the Western [&hellip
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8 Million Stories: Kelly Mullins Learns What Good Neighbors Are Made Of

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By Kelly Mullins As a 20-year-old college student from a Boston suburb, I knew I had hit the jackpot, living alone for the summer in a recently renovated Upper West Side apartment that had just been purchased by a friend’s parents. For them, it was an opportune investment in the bad housing market. For me, [&hellip
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NYU Expansion Hearing Brings Public Concerns to Light

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The CPC's Public Hearing on the NYU Expansion (Sexton Plan) drew the full attention of the maximum capacity auditorium at the Museum of the American Indian. by Mike Vidafar Borough President’s Compromise Not Enough to Sway Public Opinion On Wed. afternoon (4/25), the City Planning Commission (CPC) held a public hearing at the Museum of the American Indian to hear both concerns and support over the NYU Sexton Plan – a project that would radically expand the NYU campus over a [&hellip
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Living at its Greenest

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The Citizen, Chelsea This spacious, architecturally stunning building on West 23rd Street meets all LEED energy efficiency qualifications, making it one of the greenest residential buildings in Manhattan. The triple-layered windows let natural light in and keep noise pollution out. Walls are specially formatted for soundproofing and have an extra layer of drywall for quiet [&hellip
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Scamming Seniors: How sharks in the water are targeting older Upper East & West Siders

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old New York is a city with a booming elderly population—there are over 3.4 million people over the age of 65 living here. With that aging population come the predators who single out older victims for their nefarious swindles. In an age of small-time Internet scams and big-time Ponzi schemes, everyone is a potential victim of [&hellip
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Keyholes: Inside the literary leaning abode of writer Sue Shapiro

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When you’re the author of over nine books and an NYU/New School Journalism professor, and your husband is a successful television and film writer, your profession is bound to rub off on your home. Such is the case for Greenwich Village-based writer Sue Shapiro and her husband, Charles Rubin. Their fifth-floor apartment, located off Broadway [&hellip
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Final St. Vincent’s Hospital Rezoning Hearing Draws Hundreds

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While hundreds of community members waited outside, a City Council subcommittee deliberated on the St. Vincent’s development project.  Photo by Janice Chung. Opponents, supporters of project testify as developers seeks upzoning previously reserved for hospital By Alan Krawitz Several hundred residents and community activists packed a City Council subcommittee hearing last Tuesday, March 6 in a final attempt to make their feelings known about Rudin Management Company’s plan to redevelop the former St. Vincent’s Hospital site in [&hellip
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Outdoor Stunner

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Getting space—and light—in Greenwich Village 122 Greenwich St., otherwise known as One Jackson Square, stands out from the other buildings on the block. In a neighborhood with brick high rises and squat mixed-use town houses, 122 has a winding façade and floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a striking appearance. And tucked into this stunning building is an expansive [&hellip
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