Guilt-Free Fish

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New York City celebrates sustainable seafood Upper East Side Beginning on Tuesday, a group of local fishermen, restaurant chefs and organizations around the city have gathered to discuss the peril that faces our oceans: a fast-dwindling supply of seafood. This week marks New York’s second annual Sustainable Seafood Week. Due to overfishing, the destruction of [&hellip
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Turning Trash Into Public Art

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A design studio is collecting thousands of used plastic cups to create a large-scale installation on Governor’s Island this summer Governor’s Island Ever wondered if those 750 solo cups you brought in a pack from Costco for $2 would be used after that one party? Well, wonder no more. CDR Studio, a downtown design company, [&hellip
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Graffiti Carpet Ride

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Carpet-maker Joseph Carini weaves street art into floor art Tribeca Joseph Carini deals in luxury. His company, Carini Lang, produces custom, hand-crafted carpets that can sell for well into five figures. But he has always paid attention to what happens at street level. “I always noticed graffiti,” said Carini, a native New Yorker. “It was [&hellip
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Voodoo Magic

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Local musician fuses Haitian voodoo with jazz   Jazz saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart always had a little voodoo in him. Growing up in the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, his mother, a writer, sang voodoo chants she learned from a Haitian friend. The music, Schwarz-Bart said, informed his mother’s strong sense of Caribbean identity. Still, it wasn’t [&hellip
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A Manhattan home for Sweden’s National Treasure

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The National Academy Museum hosts a major retrospective of the artist’s work He may not be a household name today, but Anders Zorn (1860-1920), the Swedish painter, was a rock star with an international reputation during his lifetime. He rivaled John Singer Sargent on these shores for prestigious portrait commissions and limned three Presidents—Grover Cleveland, [&hellip
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Back to the Tavern

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Central Park’s famous eatery reopens with a new and welcome twist Upper West Side Four years ago, Tavern on the Green closed its beloved doors and the city proceeded to smash it to bits. Last Thursday, the dust finally settled on the extensive, $28 million renovation, revealing a refreshing update on a modern classic. On [&hellip
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From Palo Alto to the East Village

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Q&A Actor Nat Wolff on Washington Square Park, not having a driver’s license, and playing a blind cancer survivor Nat Wolff is sought after in Hollywood, but still remains loyal to his New York City roots. Having grown up near Washington Square Park, he appreciates the tight-knit neighborhoods that make up the city. “In a [&hellip
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