Without a Permanent Home, Paul Bisceglio Finds a Sense of Place in NYC

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When I handed my girlfriend her apartment keys at her office, I remembered the paper directions sitting back on her bed. She was late for an Aikido class. I had 12 more miles to bike to Astoria. “Well,” I said, staring at the potholes up Brooklyn’s Third Avenue, “I guess I’ll just wing it.” I [&hellip
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Street Shrink: Kristine Keller explores why the grass always looks better on the other side

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800px-Gras_im_Juni It’s not uncommon for strangers to incite impetuous conversations at any given moment. After all, there are many inscrutable bullet points that warrant discussion from someone who may know more and the desire for conversation becomes ever the most apparent when you begin to unfurl your Sunday newspaper. Like, does anyone have the crossword puzzle [&hellip
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8 Million Stories: Kelly Mullins Learns What Good Neighbors Are Made Of

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By Kelly Mullins As a 20-year-old college student from a Boston suburb, I knew I had hit the jackpot, living alone for the summer in a recently renovated Upper West Side apartment that had just been purchased by a friend’s parents. For them, it was an opportune investment in the bad housing market. For me, [&hellip
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Rachel Khona finds her personal cherry bomb in the form of a Stella McCartney heel

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It could be said that most people who move to New York do so for some greater purpose. Perhaps they fantasize about becoming a billionaire stockbroker and scoring a trophy wife, becoming the next Gisele Bündchen or simply achieving world domination. I came as many others before me did: to work in fashion
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MARY WHEELER poured coffee for a year and a half and no, she doesn’t care how you take it

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By Mary Wheeler My alarm would go off every morning at 5:20 a.m. I would throw on a grimy brown T-shirt, often still stained from the night before, dingy Nike sneakers and too-tight jeans. My blonde hair was carelessly thrown into a ponytail or braid, I wore no makeup and usually chipped nail polish. To [&hellip
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Caitlin Tremblay Explores The Other Side of The Student Debt Crisis

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By Caitlin Tremblay A lot has been said about the severity of the student loan debt crisis in the United States. Much of the discussion, however, has centered on the perils of overpriced private schools; schools like New York University, which jack up tuition rates when endowments don’t raise “enough” money and get cozy with [&hellip
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Kathleen Frazier hosts a rent party

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By Kathleen Frazier We’d run into some money trouble, but my husband and I had always adhered to the American isolationist policy regarding finances: act as if everything is fine and never, ever, under any circumstances ask for help. Then again, a layman’s definition of insanity is to “keep doing what you’ve always done and [&hellip
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