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Arte Around the Corner is exactly the kind of place I wish were around the corner, from me, that is. Unpretentious, with wood chairs and small marble tables, Arte offers one-stop, all-day noshing. You can start your morning here with espresso and bakery items and end your day with organic wines and a light Mediterranean supper. Or, you can stop in for an afternoon snack, as I did.

Photo By: Andrew Schwartz

Photo By: Andrew Schwartz

Two large clear plastic cake containers beckoned from the counter. They didn’t contain cake but the “frittatas of the day”-vegetable and a late harvest of tomato and basil. I chose the latter, which tasted like the last bite of summer and was as tall and light as a soufflé ($3/slice).
But I couldn’t stop there, because I’m a fan of the mini sandwich, of which there are several varieties. These half-size panini show European restraint and ingenuity. The turkey, tomato and lettuce on a small onion roll would be nondescript deli fare if it weren’t for the glorious dollop of gorgonzola cheese in the middle ($5).
The surprise burst of gorgonzola echoed the surprising nature of Arte Around the Corner: laid back, quiet and self-assured amid the loud happy-hour restaurant and bars on this stretch of Columbus.

Arte Around the Corner
274 Columbus Ave. (betw. 72nd and 73rd Sts.)

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