Oh Finally, the Perfect Man, Defined!

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A few months ago, the horrifically cynical new auction site WhatsYourPrice.com made minor media waves with the release of its survey results revealing the stats of NYC’s “perfect woman.” Now those geniuses have done it again!

BeYourOwnPimp.com has released the results of another survey, this time educating us all on the most desirable traits for heterosexual men in New York City.

The site asked 9,345 of its female members to rank the qualities they want in a male partner in the categories of Income, Education, Hair Color, Eye Color, Body Type, and Vice.

Before we consider the results, let’s break that down a bit.

The number of respondents represents roughly 0.2 percent of women in New York City, but more importantly, it represents only women who would sign up for a dating service where men literally bid on how much cash they will give to a woman for a first date (in addition, of course, to paying for the date). Someone please explain to me how this is different than an escort service. I am not being facetious.

Secondly, let’s ponder the qualities we are singling out here as worthy of ranking, and note what’s missing. Income and education, I get. Hair and eye color, not so much. Sure, everyone has their preferences, but who ever turned down a date with someone attractive because they have blue eyes instead of brown? Body type, sure. Vice (meaning how much do you smoke/drink) can definitely be a dealbreaker, so fine. But what are we leaving out? Kindness? Intelligence (which can’t be found on a degree)? Sense of humor? Faithfulness? MarioKart high score? Feelings on family life and fatherhood? Political leanings? Empathy? Values? Credit score, even?

The survey reveals that The (TM)  “earns $150,000 to $200,000 a year, obtained a Graduate Degree, has brown hair with green eyes, an athletic build, and is a social drinker who doesn’t smoke.”

In other words, this guy:










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