NYPD Patrolling Sikh Temples in the City in Wisconsin Shooting Aftermath

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Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

The NYPD is patrolling New York City Sikh temples as a precaution in the aftermath of a shooting in a Milwaukee Sikh temple that left seven people dead. Gothamist reports there is “no known threat” against any temples in the City, but officers are being cautious nonetheless. The blog also reports the Milwaukee shooter, 40-year-old former Army soldier Wade Michael Page according to the Huffington Post, is likely dead and the incident an isolated hate crime.

Some commenters on Gothamist‘s site said they were dubious whether a police presence would be reassuring to temple-goers. The increased police activity post-shooting is reminiscent of the recent NYPD monitoring of midnight Dark Knight Rises screenings in the wake of the Aurora, CO shooting.

—Alissa Fleck

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