Lady Smarts: How to Visit a Strip Club

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Photo via Flickr/Lynn Friedman Clubs can be pretentious, exclusive, elitist and silly. Then, there are strip clubs. Offering equal opportunity under unflattering lights, buried feelings, and shifty eyes, strip clubs are the embodiment of the new American dream, where anyone with a wad of sweaty bills and slumped shoulders can join in watching other people do what they only [&hellip
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Site of the Times: Lee Camp’s Moment of Clarity

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leecamp1 Comedian’s new book sheds humorous insight on the state of the world Comedian Lee Camp has finally released a book version of Moment of Clarity, his clever web series of political rants. Published in both paperback and e-book formats, Clarity anthologizes 90 of the smart humorists best position pieces and adds in twenty never-before-seen photos [&hellip
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Denzel Washington & New York Disasters

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11-2flight1_full_380 By Suzanne Meyers I’m adding my voice to those predicting Denzel Washington will win Best Actor in this year’s Oscar competition for his role as an alcoholic pilot in the new film Flight.  I’ll even the score with my ex-husband who, after leaving Training Day, days after the terror attacks in September 2001, correctly declared [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: The 5 Best Moments of CMJ 2012, Part 2

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NTTOD.DIIV By Simon Lazarus Vasta Previously, on Now Take Them Out, Devils… And now, the exciting conclusion: 2. StageDIIVing @ Music Hall of Williamsburg By the time dreampop/shoegaze/new wave/post punk/critical darlings DIIV reached their encore (which consisted of early single “Geist” and a cover of Blank Dogs’ “No Compass”), the crowd belonged to them. Heck, the [&hellip
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Lady Smarts: How to…Post in a Post-Hurricane/Election World

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Via Flickr/textilesdiva It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks. You were evacuated. You lost power – in all senses of the word – for so long that you debated eating your pumpkin-scented candle and only source of light or heat. You saw cars floating by and started imagining yourself with the Waterworld-inspired cornrows of Spring Break 1996. [&hellip
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Take My Mandate, For Example. No Seriously, Take It.

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flickr-6685602103-original As soon as Fox commentators began throwing temper tantrums the networks and news outlets starting calling the presidential race for Obama last night, Republicans jumped in to assure us that while he may have won, he certainly shouldn’t take this as a sign that people wanted to him to win, or anything. Don’t get carried [&hellip
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Sandy Tears Swath of Destruction through Downtown Manhattan

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Photo by Aaron Adler By Paul Bisceglio Sandy hit New York on Monday evening with the fury promised by ominous forecasts and left behind a wake of devastation wrought by the 80 m.p.w.-plus winds and extensive flooding of lower Manhattan. The grim numbers began to roll in as the post-tropical storm faded on Tuesday: over half a million residents [&hellip
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