Raising Renee: A Sit Down With the Subject of the Powerful New Documentary

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

Raising-Renee_Beverly-Front-steps-one300dpi Documentarian Jeanne Jordan and painter Beverly McIver both attended an advanced study in the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard. Bev’s studio was right next door to Jordan’s, and the two became fast friends. Jordan marveled at her neighbor’s large-scale paintings, which reminded her of graphic film stills. The two began socializing outside of work, Jeanne inviting [&hellip
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A Friendly Place for Serious Jazz

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05_Zebulon Sound and Light(as) The building at 223 W. 28th St. is unremarkable. Located next to an open parking lot and across from a typically dreary FIT building, its exterior consists of a storage garage, a small door and a red awning that reads “Greenwich Village Plumber’s Supply.” Yet this building, like many in New York, has a well-kept [&hellip
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Mildly Troubled

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Angelica Page and Jeffrey Carlson in 'Psycho Therapy' The flimsy and painless Psycho Therapy is little more than a paycheck for its actors, but the results aren’t disastrous. Nothing about Frank Strausser’s new comedy is available for pointing and laughing; the story of conflicted Lily, who finds herself in couples therapy with her current boyfriend Philip and her ex-boyfriend Dorian, is light on [&hellip
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Right-Hemisphere for Options: Brain Controlled Computing with NeuroSky

Written by Carib Guerra on . Posted in Breaking News, Technology

minorityreport So Minority Report came out in 2002 and everybody got stoked on how Tom Cruise was controlling that computer with nothing but exaggerated hand gestures and that squinty brow of his. Well screw that! Brain-Computer Interface, guys! Let’s not beat around the science bush here and just come out with it: these things let you [&hellip
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