The Protagonist: DJ Fancy Mike’s Post-Graduate, Intercontinental, Pop Culture Fever Dream

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“How big of a f*** would I have to be to reference my own novella?” –DJ Fancy Mike After months of dedicated badgering, The Protagonist finally tracked down the elusive Mike Kleine, also known as DJ Fancy Mike, to discuss his 2012 novella Mastodon Farm. We began our conversation over Facebook chat, which is possibly [&hellip
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Oh Finally, the Perfect Man, Defined!

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Picture 1 A few months ago, the horrifically cynical new prostitution dating auction site made minor media waves with the release of its survey results revealing the stats of NYC’s “perfect woman.” Now those geniuses have done it again! has released the results of another survey, this time educating us all on the most desirable [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Most Reasonable Resolution? Learn to Bounce Back from Failure

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Mark Baumer’s resolution was 50 shades of absurd…or was it? Mark Baumer, of Providence, RI, is a literary inspiration of sorts. Baumer wrote 50 books this past year, which is an impressive feat if only for his steadfast dedication to the task. It didn’t start out so straightforward though. Indeed, it started out with a [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Surprises of the Literary World

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Literature never fails to surprise its readers, which is why The Protagonist has compiled this list of succulent “did’ja knows” of the world of word. Hopefully at least a couple of these hilarious, erotic and/or gruesome tidbits come as newfound knowledge to our readers: –Arnold Schwarzenegger has a memoir titled Total Recall –There is legitimately [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Keara Driscoll Serves up Pork and Poetry in Brooklyn

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Occasionally The Protagonist briefly profiles the work and life of a local artist; this is one of those times.  Brooklynite Keara Driscoll waitresses by day and writes poetry…well, whenever she has a spare moment to jot down her thoughts on the scrap of paper she keeps in her pocket. Driscoll has been writing poetry in [&hellip
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The Best Oysters I’ve Ever Had

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John Dory Oyster Pic Our adventurous snacker finds a primo spot for sucking down the delectable seafood favorite By Elian Zach Oysters: sensual aphrodisiacs or slimy mollusk? I’ll accept both answers. I absolutely adored oysters till I was 12 years old. I was considered weird among my friends for not having any food particularities. I’d eat anything from frog [&hellip
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