David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

David Lynch debuted the music video for his song, “Crazy Clown Time” this Monday, which has forced me to question: Is David Lynch at all relevant anymore? The music video, which he directed, plays out the narrative of his song. “Suzy, she ripped her shirt off completely.” A big-breasted blonde thing (Suzy?), rips her shirt [&hellip
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Out of this World

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Mac Rogers’ Honeycomb trilogy continues with Blast Radius By Doug Strassler Blast Radius is the second installment in a trilogy devised by Mac Rogers that defies typical categorization. It’s firmly steeped in the tenets of science fiction, but sidesteps the need for flashy special effects. There are familial and romantic relationships at play, but they [&hellip
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Extra! Extra! And Here’s Some More Extra For Ya!

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Newsies dances as fast as it can By Doug Strassler Newsies: The Musical, the new family-friendly Disney musical that just opened at the Nederlander Theater, pounds out its almost-catchy tunes from the marquee for all passersby to hear, only to bellow even louder for those privileged enough to get this hot ticket and see the [&hellip
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Judging Judy

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Tracie Bennett soars over the rainbow as Judy Garland By Doug Strassler Judy Garland is more than an icon. As one of the original movie stars of the Hollywood studio system, the triple threat bounced between family musicals and adult dramas with a precision and a talent that remains largely unmatched. Like Charlie Chaplin and [&hellip
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