Sex, age and Pulp

Written by Allen Houston on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

An optometrist could have made a killing among the multitude of horn-rimmed glasses wearing, sold-out crowd last night at Radio City Music Hall, who had come to see Pulp perform their first New York show in 14 years. Pulp, who rose to fame in the UK on their anthem Common People, had an impressive career [&hellip
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Going the Distance

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

With 4000 Miles, Amy Herzog graduates to the head of the class By Doug Strassler I wasn’t a very big fan of Amy Herzog’s last play, 2010’s After the Revolution; despite a starry and experienced cast, I found the thoughtful work heavy-handed and dramatically clunky. I am happy to report, then, that I am exceedingly [&hellip
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Canadian Bakin’

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Arts Our Town Downtown, NY Press Exclusive, Our Town Downtown

Director Philippe Falardeau makes Monsieur Lazhar look like child’s play Monsieur Lazhar gets off to an auspicious start as a young pupil in a Montreal elementary school discovers one of his teachers has killed herself. Helping the students address their grief, amid the myriad other growing pains all children must face, is a new teacher [&hellip
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Yukon Blonde Will Cure Your Mondays

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

You’ve gotta love an indie-pop quartet from Canada. No seriously, you have to. It’s in the bi-laws of the kingdom of “Dude I’m totally hip,” section two, subsection 3. “2.3 YOU HAVE TO LOVE AN INDIE-POP QUARTET FROM CANADA. IF YOU CLAIM OTHERWISE IT’S PUNISHABLE BY DEATH.” I didn’t make the rules, that’s just how [&hellip
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Nurse Jackie’s New Season Brings the Pain – In a Good Way

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

The last two seasons of Nurse Jackie increasingly strained credibility as its put-upon title character, Jackie Peyton, tried to balance problems with her husband, daughters and job all while desperately trying to cover up a controlling pill addiction and affair with the pharmacist who supplied her. It was a high wire act that show creators [&hellip
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