Chain This

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Ghost the Musical sucks the spirit out of its source material Making a hit movie is an inexact science. If the risk involved weren’t so high, the rewards would be less appealing. And there’s no easier rubric when it comes to adapting a big stage musical from a hit movie. Successful source material far from [&hellip
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The Visceralist: St. Jerome’s

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Our new resident nightlife specialist The Visceralist introduces their inaugural post on St. Jerome’s. Enjoy! St. Jerome’s 155 Rivington St. (btw Clinton & Suffolk) NYC, NY 10002 (212) 533-1810 Bathroom situation – 2 in the way back part, both unisex. The one on the left is huge and tatted up. The one on the right [&hellip
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Mack to the Future

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August Schulenberg asks clever questions in Deinde Something wonderful is happening at the Secret Theater. Science fiction has taken over this Long Island City that’s begun to play host to a series of intellectually stimulating pulp theater, starting with Mac Rogers’ ongoing Honeycomb Trilogy with Gideon Productions there. Now, the provocative cyber-thriller Deinde joins the [&hellip
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Doug Strassler Reacts to the 2012 Tony Award Nominations

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It wasn’t one of the greater seasons on record, but the Tony Awards committee did manage to come up with an eclectic list of nominees for the June 10 awards ceremony that included newbies and veterans alike – and left out a few surprising performers once thought to be a sure thing. That certainly applies [&hellip
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Introducing The Manhattan Cartel

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How I came to know about The Manhattan Cartel—a dirty blues rock duo made up of guitarist Aaron Strand and vocalist Elinor Arwyn—is the stuff of destiny. Of New Nork City late night lore… or horse. Last Tuesday night I received a text from an ex that flipped my tummy and blackened my heart. It [&hellip
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Mommie Un-Dearest

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Michael Esper and Linda Lavin shine in The Lyons By Doug Strassler Saying that Linda Lavin is the best thing about Nicky Silver’s The Lyons is akin to saying that the sun is the center of the universe. It’s both obvious and doesn’t really give a full picture of all of the other elements so [&hellip
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