Lady Smarts: A Valentine’s Day Tale

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Two apartments, both alike in furniture from Ikea… We all come to Valentine’s Day with baggage—and not just the red, heart-shaped kind that’s full of chocolates. In honor of the holiday of lurve, I thought I would tell my favorite modern love story. Our story begins with two unlikely lovers, pushed together by fate—and one [&hellip
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The Protagonist on “Twitterature”: Will Twitter Feeds Shape the Future of Storytelling?

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With less premeditation, impulse control and editing than a novel or essay, and more raw emotion, doesn’t a Twitter feed get pretty darn close to the accurate written aggregation of one’s lived experience? I have a favorite Twitter, and while I discovered it only recently, I’ve read it just about as far back as it [&hellip
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The Rise of the Book Trailer

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Picture 2 Will trailers replace literary reviews any time soon? If the book and movie industries have their way, they just might. By Ben Crompton A gangster is shot down by his best friend, bullets fly, and liters of animated blood spill on the pavement. Movie trailer? Nope. Video game? Guess again. At the end of the [&hellip
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Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside the Digs of Project Runway Season 11 at Atlas New York

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The lobby of Atlas New York, the official “home” of Project Runway (credit: Gotham Organization) Project Runway’s Season 11 debuts tomorrow night, and to toast the occasion, Atlas New York, an upscale, modern rental building in the heart of the Garment District, is giving us a sneak peek inside the contestants’ vibrant Manhattan digs. The building’s owner and developer, Gotham Organization, has housed the contestants there for nine out of eleven seasons (Season 6 [&hellip
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The Protagonist: What Happens When You Write Something You Regret?

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This week alone has been laced with the immense public fallout and regret of bad career moves. Lance Armstrong finally came clean to the nation about his snowballing history of doping, while it also came to light that not only did Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o’s girlfriend not die of leukemia, she never existed in [&hellip
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