Raging by the River: Knife Party Brings Dubstep to the Beach

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Hundreds of ravers flocked to the Financial Discrict’s South Street Seaport on Sunday June 3rd in anticipation of an outdoor rave chaperoned by the Australian electro-dubstep duo Knife Party. Throughout the day, the distant sound of pounding techno beats and faint smell of sweat meddled with the boardwalk’s usually calm and touristic atmosphere. Along with [&hellip
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Ambition on the Esplanade: Exhibit Showcases Designs for Waterfront Development

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Elaborate designs for East Side Esplanade now on display in museum exhibit By Rebecca Harris The shabby state of Manhattan’s East River esplanade, crumbling in age and plagued by awkwardly configured spaces, minimal amenities and deterioration due to a general lack of upkeep, has been a source of displeasure among East Siders for years. City [&hellip
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New Yorkers Mesmerized by Transit of Venus

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By Robin Elisabeth Kilmer To regulars at Riverside Park South, the gathering of people and telescopes under a cloudy sky seemed inexplicable. Confused park goers quickly learned that something special was happening. Behind the curtain of clouds Venus was following its orbit as it has for eons, only this time its path placed it directly [&hellip
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Could We Build The U.S.S. Enterprise From Star Trek?

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USS-Enterprise-Ship-Hulls-Diagram   At least one dude thinks we could. Some total random known only as BTE-Dan has put together a surprisingly large website detailing (really really detailing) what it would take to Build The Enterprise over the course of 20 years. As BTE-Dan sees it, all the main technologies we’d need to construct a real life [&hellip
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Conversation with The Onion’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Randazzo

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After four years as editor in chief of The Onion, comedian Joe Randazzo is leaving the paper, and America’s self-proclaimed “finest news source” is relocating its offices from New York to Chicago. City & State editor Morgan Pehme talks with Randazzo about his tenure at the helm of the popular satiric publication and asks him [&hellip
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How Much Soda Do New Yorkers Drink?

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We have all heard about Mayor Bloomberg’s administration’s latest plan in their ongoing battle against obesity. The new law, which might into effect as early as March 2013 after a series of public hearings, will effectively prohibit restaurants, delis, food carts and movie theaters from selling sodas in quantities exceeding 16oz. The ban will not [&hellip
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Summer Guide: What Whoopi Goldberg is up to this summer

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What’s your favorite thing about New York in the summer? New York is like a party—all kinds of music everywhere, the smells of street fairs and carnival food wafting through the city, open hydrants offering a way to cool off. (From our 2012 Summer Guide.) What’s your favorite summertime activity? Coney Island, Atlantic City, Central [&hellip
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