NY Family: “Occupy” Parenting

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A mother
from Inwood took her eight-year-old son out of school for the day last month to
give him a lesson that she felt he wouldn’t get inside a classroom. She brought
him down to Ground Zero. And then she headed uptown to Zuccotti
Park for the Occupy Wall Street
protests to show him what it looks like to be a part of history as it unfolds. —

“There’s a disparity in education so
that only the rich can afford the best teachers,” said Diana Zavada, 36, a
single mother who immigrated to America
from Honduras.
“So I’m bringing him down here to educate him as best I can, to show him that
he can have a voice, too.”

“I want to
know about salary cuts and bank bailouts,” added her son, Jackson. “There’s a
lot of chaos in this park but not in a bad way.”

Vender, a stay-at-home mother from Jackson
Heights, brought her four-year-old
son, Miles, to a nearby playground last month and then they went to Zuccotti
Park. He made a sign at the park
that read, “Books Not Bombs” because he was upset when his mother told him that
his local library had its budget cut while the country spends trillions of
dollars on a war. When they returned home, Miles said his favorite part of the
day was the protest and wanted to know when he could go back.

The park
has become a museum in this respect, but not all parents support the idea of
bringing kids to a living-exhibit replete with drug use, nudity and violent
clashes with the police.

“I would
never bring my kids here,” said Patrick Griese, 41, who traveled from his home
in Jersey City to see the protests. “When the
young kids who are here are old enough to remember, they’ll say, ‘Mommy,
remember when we went to the zoo?’ Parents who take their kids out of school to
be here should be arrested and people who take the day off from work to protest
high unemployment rates should be fired.”

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