Northsix No More

Written by Jerry Portwood on . Posted in Music, Posts.

Headed over to Northsix this past weekend for the Lebowski Fest in time to catch Bling Kong.
Good act, although plenty of guys were fleeing the stage area with the
girls done up like cheerleaders and cocksucker (yep, that’s his name)
getting a little gay for these beer and bowling types. But really it
was a chance to check out the space again before it all changes. All
the info about Bowery Ballroom buying up the place and how it’ll be
shut down starting the end of January to be re-opened as the "Music
Hall of Williamsburg" seems a shame.

Maybe it’s for the best, but
someone mentioned that Galapago,
the great alternative art space which is next door, will also go down
with the wrecking ball. Now THAT’S the real loss, if it’s true.
Galapagos has emerged as one of the few alternative spaces that
attracts theater, music, performance and more outside the hipster
purview. It’s all for progress, but hopefully the Galapagos stuff turns
out to be just idle chatter.