No Surprises In School Crowding

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To the Editor:

In response to “Waitlist Update: Extra P.S. 290 Class A ‘Band-Aid Soulution" (April 29), I want to cite some information from my letter-to-the-editor, “Condos Are a Burden on Our City"s Schools, published in this paper May 1, 2008.

I wrote that over the years, I have witnessed several high-rise condo buildings erected within District 2. With new prospective families moving into the neighborhood, coupled with all the babies and toddlers I already see, I wondered how public schools would respond to the increase in student population.

I live roughly 300 feet from P.S. 290 and within walking distance of P.S. 6, P.S. 183 and P.S. 59. According to the April 29 article, there is a waitlist at all these schools. Quelle surprise! My wish is that all students can attend their local school without class size increasing to such an extent that it hinders learning.

I am wary of how P.S. 290 will handle the influx of future students who reside in The Cielo, The Lucida, The Brompton, The Georgica and The Wellington Tower (right across the street). All of these condo buildings are zoned for the high performing school.

Two years ago, I wrote that condo construction would cause a severe strain on area public schools. Presently, there is a waitlist at many District 2 schools on the Upper East Side. I hope that in the next two years, the Department of Education has a plan to alleviate the overcrowding at P.S. 290 and its neighbor schools.

Daniel M. Wolkenfeld
East 82nd Street

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