No Free Rides, Please

Written by Alan Krawitz on . Posted in Crime Watch Our Town, Our Town.

On Monday, April 1, a yellow cab driver, a 48-year-old man, reported to police he dropped off a passenger at Lexington Ave. near 83rd street around 10 p.m. But, the passenger, a white woman about 5’8’’ and 150 pounds, refused to pay the fare and ran into a nearby building. The superintendent of the building identified the woman from cellphone pictures taken by the cab driver before the woman ran into the building. Just then, the woman ran out of the building and fled eastbound on 83rd Street towards Third Ave. Police later confirmed that the woman shares an apartment with her boyfriend in the building she ran into. The woman, who police said had a heavy Russian accent, was last seen wearing a gray overcoat and black pants. Police are looking for the woman on a theft of services charge.

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