New York Family: Best of the Web, May 9-15

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’s weekly roundup of articles they love


Contributors: Meghan Gearino and Elizabeth Raymond

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued our interest. Enjoy!

Lessons to be forgotten! Here are nine dangerous things we are all taught in school…best to forget if you want to thrive outside of the classroom. (Forbes)

Does your kid love dinosaurs? This little one sees a prehistoric T-Rex…and heads for the hills. His parents caught it all on tape. (Gawker)

The latest in bullying: One Indiana teen is facing possible expulsion after his mother sends him to school with a stun gun in order to protect himself against bullies. (CNN)

Hear ’s reaction to the New York Times’ article about the debate between motherhood and feminism. Find out why she thinks the discussion needs to be reframed. (Ph.D. In Parenting)

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