New Rave Body Shakedown

Written by Jerry Portwood on . Posted in Music, Posts.

Well, the hype machine is at it again. Klaxons, the quintessential leaders of the “New Rave” movement, predictably denounce the genre label and consider themselves something much bigger. The crowd at Studio B in Greenpoint Saturday night shared the same sentiment.

The club was packed with Brooklynites anticipating the London-based act, hoping for a live reproduction of their debut album Myths of the Near Future, a disc that’s extremely danceable. What they received was an hour-long set of tightly performed yet dull “dance” tracks. Of course, the die-hard fans had fun singing along to all the songs they knew, but overall the Klaxons were disappointing. In fact, the live replication of Myths was almost too spot-on. The music was together in every way, but as far as the performance went, they mailed it in.

The opening act did quite the opposite; they performed their heads off, but didn’t have the musical ability to back it up. Bonde Do Role, a trio of Brazillian club hip-hop-cum-rockers, also failed to deliver up to their hype. Screaming in Portuguese over old-school hip-hop and new-school rock beats, the three performers got a few bodies shaking, but generally just filled the 30-40 minutes before the Klaxons were to perform.