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As a longtime reader of Martinet’s Miss Mingle blog, I look forward to new columns by her (“SOS Etiquette,” Sept. 9), knowing that I’ll get a wise and humorous take on people or life in NYC. Her starting point is always something commonplace or even pedestrian, but Jeanne’s talent is seeing something broader and deeper about the human condition, particularly New Yorkers’ human condition.

Roger Cox
Upper West Side

What a scary situation! My palms started sweating as I read this. In these old buildings, that is such a possible scenario! I can’t even imagine who would answer if I had to call for assistance into the chute outside my bedroom window. But then I think of how kind and helpful strangers in NYC have been when I have had to ask for directions or needed help lugging a suitcase or stroller up or down subway steps

Linda Prine
Upper West Side


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