Netroots Unhappy With Hillary? Really?

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts. founder and chief operator kos is taking issue with mainstream media outlets for reporting that Senator Hillary Clinton has tremendous support among the liberal netroots, support that will help push her past her various Democratic challengers. Kos is accusing reporters of taking Clinton’s campaign press releases at face value, and he’s providing evidence.

DailyKos is the standard bearer for the liberal netroots community, and longtime observers know that Clinton’s support among the site’s members is nothing short of dismal. Moves like this won’t do much to change that.

"Here’s what I
think — Hillary has no interest in truly making up ground in the netroots.
Rather, she sees it as a place to make a good show, and then sell that to the
traditional media. It’s her campaign’s version of "Shock and Awe".
Lots of noise. Lots of flashing lights. Lots of smoke. But it’s all for show. If she was
serious about earning netroots support, the campaign would’ve looked at that
four percent and created a strategy to pump it up in the following months. But
out of the gate, her campaign has taken to misrepresenting online sentiment for
the benefit of traditional media reporters who don’t know any better," writes kos.