Nauseating Billary

Written by Doug Ireland on . Posted in Breaking News, Posts.

It must have
been cozy in the White House on the evening multibillionaire Marc Rich and the
others received their midnight pardons. Not only were Bill and Hillary there,
but so were nearly all the other coconspirators. Hugh Rodham had been in residence
there for most of the month, as Time’s Margaret Carlson (no Hillary-hater
she) has scornfully pointed out, along with his (and Hillary’s) mother.
According to Secret Service logs, there also was that expensively coiffed duo
of Rich’s special pleaders, his ex-wife Denise and her pal Beth Dozoretz,
who had already lavished Hillary with gifts for her new Washington mansion (nicely
timed to precede Hillary’s swearing-in, for Senate ethics rules would have
outlawed such largesse). If you believe that this jolly collection of pure souls
was all gathered together without the word "pardon" being mentioned,
then you probably don’t know what the meaning of the word "is"

In his statement
about Hugh’s successful pardon search on behalf of snake-oil salesman Braswell
and the crack-merchant Vignali, Bill–speaking on behalf of the presidential
couple–denied that "we" had any knowledge of the hundreds of
thousands the First Brother-in-Law received for his whisperings in the presidential
ear. But this non-denial, in classic Clinton equivocation, refers only to the
payments, not to the pardons. Even so, Huge had already left a long trail of
attempts to cash in on the Clintons’ regime, from the hazelnut scam in
the Georgian Republic to his attempt to leech onto the antitobacco litigation
and its gusher of lawyers’ fees. Hugh’s cupidity was so well known
that the mind boggles at accepting the notion that Hillary imagined Hugh was
fronting for two obvious scoundrels as a benevolent act of mercy without getting

list of past lies is long indeed, so why believe her now? She lied when she
said that she turned a $1000 investment into $100,000 practically overnight
"by reading The Wall Street Journal"–when in fact she
benefited from an insider trading scheme put together by a Clinton fundraiser
who just happened to be the house counsel to the Tyson food empire (whose pollution-spewing
plants and tainted chickens then-Gov. Bill had his state’s regulatory agencies
ignore). She lied when she said she claimed she had nothing to do with the firing
of the innocent Travelgate Seven, who were then hounded by Clinton’s FBI
and the IRS for imagined crimes conveniently invented by a White House staffer
who was a Clinton cousin. In fact, Travelgate flowed from an attempt by Hillary
to help her pal Harry Thomason snatch the White House’s travel business
for a firm in which he was a partner.

This Thomason
is the same Clinton crony who, when looking for a pardon lawyer for a couple
of Arkansas business scalawags, picked from the thousands of former assistant
U.S. attorneys in the country a little-known New Yorker who just happened to
be Hillary’s campaign treasurer and the law partner of Harold Ickes, the
mastermind of Hillary’s Senate campaign. Where do you suppose Harry got
his name?

If you’ve
forgotten all of Hillary’s past lies–too many to recapitulate here–pick
up Roger Morris’ Partners in Power: The Clintons and Their America,
the best of the Clinton biographies, which dissects many of them. But of the
current crop of prevarications, none has Hillary more worried than her claim
that she had nothing to do with the pardons-for-votes tradeoff, in which New
Square became the only Hasidic community in upstate New York to vote for Hillary,
and in Ceausescu-like proportions. Hillary was in the Oval Office when the New
Square rabbis came to plead for the felonious Hasidic four. And what makes this
deal even more revolting is Hillary’s hypocrisy: the woman who likes to
pose as a defender of children gave her blessing to a quartet of frauders who
stole tens of millions in federal education funds designed to help economically
disadvantaged kids. If you thought Hillary could sink no lower than the time
she brought the turncoat Dick Morris back into the Clinton circle and (as even
George Stephanopoulos records in his memoir) fervently supported the Morris
plan to kick poor kids off welfare and onto the streets so her husband could
win reelection, New Square proves her feckless perfidy once more.

The squalid
pardon mess, and Billary’s securing for their bagman Terry McAuliffe ("a
personal ATM for the Clintons," Mary McGrory called him) the chairmanship
of the Democratic National Committee, will make it extraordinarily difficult
for the Democrats to take back the Congress in 2002. Wily old Robert Byrd, the
West Virginia Democrat, got it right when he told CNN a few weeks ago (and this
was before the pardon scandal broke) that the Clinton legacy "is a Republican
House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican in the White House." Now,
the criminal investigations into the fire sale of pardons will drag on for months,
reminding voters of the Democrats’ moral bankruptcy, and making W look
good by comparison. The Clintons’ famous New Covenant turned out to be
a pact with the devil.

One sad by-product
of all this is that it poisons the pardon process for future presidents. For
example, when Sen. Chuck Schumer, one of Billary’s more slavish defenders,
now tries to distance himself from the sordid duo by proclaiming that "no
fugitive from justice should ever be pardoned," he thus engages in thoughtless,
cheap demagoguery. What about the kids who fled to Sweden and Canada to escape
the Vietnam War draft, and were pardoned by Jimmy Carter? What about the victims
of the McCarthy-era witch-hunts in the 50s who went abroad to escape persecution
for failing to name names before congressional committees, or under the various
anti-Communist laws later declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court? Were
they not deserving, Chuckie?

the Clintons may escape punishment for their more recent misdeeds, since to
prove a quid pro quo in court you must prove "intent"–and unless
one of the principal parties to the pardon schemes cracks and talks, Mary Jo
White will have a tough time making her case. In that event, we’ll be stuck
with Hillary for six more years at least. Maybe more, given the electorate’s
truncated attention span and short-term memory.

And that, my
dears, is a nauseating prospect.